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Our Maintenance Services are designed to keep your website operating at peak performance. We offer comprehensive CMS maintenance, site monitoring, and issue management.

Website Reliability and Support

At LegRoom, we specialize in maintaining and enhancing your website's performance, ensuring uninterrupted operation and swift issue resolution.

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Our maintenance service includes site performance monitoring to ensure smooth operation. We also handle plugin and CMS updates, small CSS/browser tweaks, and major roadblock alerts to prevent potential issues.

We test and update plugins and the CMS in a development environment before going live. For major updates, we ensure to notify you in advance and, where possible, carry out updates outside business hours.

Change requests for alterations outside the maintenance scope, such as new plugins or features, can be discussed directly with LegRoom. We provide quotes for such requests.

Our maintenance services offer flexible payment plans based on frequency. You can choose from Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans to suit your needs.

Yes, we provide access to technical support in case of issues. Support hours can be purchased alongside an active maintenance agreement to cover technical tasks.

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