Why are we here?

LegRoom was set up by agency people, for agency people, with the ambition of solving a problem experienced by all agencies throughout their digital growth – managing developers effectively.

Maybe you have always outsourced your development work to freelancers – they’re happy to do the work, but are often unavailable for support once the project has finished.

Maybe you have outsourced your development work overseas in an attempt to cut costs, only to find out that the code you received is broken and uneditable – you’ve been left in the dark with your developer, and again, are no longer offered support once the project has been completed.

Maybe, like many agencies, you have decided to employ an internal development team, not fully understanding the ins and outs of what’s really required – there are so many diverse skills and languages that a development team needs to know. Employing staff to cover the ins and outs of the web can be incredibly costly, especially when the workload for each employee can be so sporadic.

These are all short-term solutions to long-term problems, and are often ineffective to begin with.

We care about your business and are we care about our work – we’ve been in your position before, and we know you deserve better.

So what did we do? We put together a team of superhero developers and project managers to guide and support you through every step of your build and beyond. We offer on-going support, and build long-term relationships with our clients. We believe strongly in what we do, and we want to push the boundaries.

We don’t do ‘can’t’.

Whether you’re an agency with a wealth of experience and high-profile clients, or an up-and-coming agency just finding it’s feet, we want make your lives easier, help you destress and give you a little more LegRoom.

We’re the only real digital agency for agencies.