What the hell is a DNS?

Let’s travel back, to a simpler time. Before Trump was voted President of the United States, and before the world took the finest Princess in the Galaxy (we love you, Leia!).

Way back when, we wrote a blog about A-Records. And that’s something you’re going to want to be familiar with if you want to understand what a DNS, or Domain Name Server, is.

As a quick recap, we know that an A-Record is an entry in a database, with directions for getting to your website (for example, will send you to Google.com.au). These records are stored in a DNS.

When you type a domain name into your browser, the request is sent to a DNS, where it checks its records for the domain name you entered. If available, it sends this information back to your browser, so that it knows where to go for that site.

Server image

Pretty simple stuff, huh?! The great thing about the web is that once you’ve broken down a lot of these terms, they become so much less intimidating. We do our best to explain all of these tech terms in the most digestible way possible.

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