Why you need to consider a Support and Maintenance package

One thing we love about the web is that it’s constantly evolving, but as a result, websites can quickly become outdated, in both design and software. While we’re conditioned to love all things new and shiny, at LegRoom, we’re big believers that new isn’t ALWAYS better.

If you don’t work in the development space, you’re not always going to know when your plugins, theme and etc. are compatible with the latest version of your content management system (CMS). We primarily use WordPress in the agency because it’s versatile, durable and reliable – it’s easy for us to tailor to our client’s needs and the user-end is almost unbreakable. So, for argument’s sake, we’ll be referring to WordPress a lot throughout this article.

When we first introduced our support and maintenance packages to our clients, we turned to the good old car analogy – in order for it to run safely, it needs to be maintained properly. Let’s look at it this way:

You need to ensure that your car locks and that the alarm system is functioning

In web terms, this means ensuring your website has strong security settings that are frequently updated. We’ll scan for hackers and react to alerts in the event of an attack.

Your car requires regular oil and fluid changes (or top-ups)

Much like oiling your car, your website needs a little TLC every now and then. This means updating your software to ensure full functionality remains, and ensuring that you’re not left vulnerable to attacks. We also keep backups of your website, so that if anything goes drastically wrong somewhere down the line, we can revert it back to an older version while we implement required updates.

You need to ensure that your car is clean and tidy

People are rarely impressed by a dirty and cluttered car, and websites are much the same – removing SPAM from your database, and keeping things new and shiny enhances the legitimacy of your site.

You might be sitting there wondering ‘if I can change the oil in my car without a mechanic, surely I can install an update without a developer’. Of course, that is a possibility, but if you’re relying upon your car as a mode of transport (or this website as a mode of revenue), you’re better off having a guarantee that it will continue running safely, reliably and effectively, with any oncoming issues flagged ahead of time.

A website works much the same – having peace of mind that your site is running optimally is an absolute lifesaver. Ongoing support and maintenance allows us to focus on prevention, rather than after-the-event support, and allows you to take a step back and avoid getting involved in the nitty-gritty. It gives you the freedom to focus on the creative and content-driven aspects of the site while we work around the backend.

We like to say ‘while you run your business, we’ll run your website’, because we know that a website which is maintained professionally and runs optimally leads to more clients, improved sales and peace-of-mind.

As developers, we know the ins9-and-outs of your site – we can adjust code as required and we action all changes through a staging link, ensuring we never push anything live unless it’s 100% perfect.

Although some updates may appear as simple as clicking a button, it’s preferred that they’re actioned by professionals with an understanding of the front and back ends of your site to avoid the potential of pairing incompatible plugins, or causing detrimental damage to your live site.

Long story short – We. Believe. In. Prevention.

We hate seeing our clients in distress – whether it be due to a security breach, a broken site, or a server crash… there’s nothing that upsets us more. So we created our support and maintenance packages – individually tailored to the needs of each client.

Help us, help you!

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