Speak our language: JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (or JS) is a programming language which is used to add interactivity to a website. It’s considered to be one of three ‘standard’ web languages, perfectly complimenting HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is a cross-platform and object-oriented scripting language. It’s built into most modern web browsers, and allows developers to incorporate interactivity (beyond the capabilities of CSS) into sites.

So what can JavaScript actually do?

Client-side, JavaScipt allows developers to add interactive features that can change or update a web page without it being reloaded – it even continues working once offline! As an ‘event-driven’ language, JS can respond to interactions such as mouse clicks, keyboard input, page loading and etc. It can even access a tonne of information from the browser and the web page it’s being run in, and can use the information to present content based on the time of day. Impressive right?