You say goodbye and I say Trello

If you’re big on tech, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Atlassian… they’re responsible for some incredible software – HipChat, Bitbucket, SourceTree and JIRA, just to name a few.

Over the last few days, the tech world has been buzzing with Atlassian’s most recent acquisition, costing them an incredible $425 million. This is, of course, Trello. LegRoom’s favourite task management tool. We couldn’t be more excited by this news.


We’re definitely not the only dev team who are active on Trello, and we’re not the only team who is excited by the potential integration or link that could be created between Bitbucket, SourceTree and Trello – three applications we absolutely swear by. With Trello’s already-existing Power-Ups between Hangouts and MailChimp (two more of our go-to applications), we’re eager to see how this acquisition will help our team streamline productivity even more.

What Power-Ups are you expecting to see join Trello? Chat with us! We’re keen to hear your thoughts.