Why partnering with LegRoom make’s sense

Stop us if any of this sounds familiar…

Maybe you’ve always outsourced your development work to freelancers. They’re happy to do the work, but are often unavailable for support once the project has finished.

Maybe you outsourced your development work overseas in an attempt to cut costs, only to find out that the code you received is broken and uneditable. Meanwhile, you’ve been left in the dark with your developer and again, are no longer offered support once the project has been completed.

Maybe, like many agencies, you’ve decided to employ an internal development team without fully understanding the ins and outs of the many diverse skills and languages required of an entire roster of developers. Employing web-savvy staff can be incredibly costly, especially when the workload for each employee is often sporadic.

Let’s grow – together

We’re not here to ‘churn and burn’ projects out, we’re here to build partnerships and do awesome digital work. We succeed, when you succeed… again and again.

Agencies + LegRoom =


Eliminating conflicts of interest by focusing on delivering digital results – LegRoom are only accessible via our Agency partners, with no direct clients. We're not here to steal your clients :) we're here to help you keep them long-term.

Scale (Without Scaling)

We're like adding the additional team members and skills you need without the headache – becoming an extension of your team and providing our LegRoom skills to deliver digital projects direct to your clients.

Unlock New Revenues

We offer add-on services such as ongoing support, website maintenance and hosting which you can on-sell directly to your own clients.

Win Work!

Helping you understand those tricky digital briefs, workshopping (where necessary) what's possible and what's not – problem solving and finding solutions. If you win – we win... we don't pitch directly.

Great Dev'

This goes without saying, but we deliver the builds you need! Your client is our client and we care about their end result.

Ways of working with LegRoom

We love a Trello board here at LegRoom, and as a Agency Partner we’ll spin you up your own Job Board. This feeds into our internal wip’in tools to ensure we are across all your projects and statuses. The trello board forms the base of comm’s with the LR team, and keeps everything nice and visible.

Project to Project

As the heading suggests… send us a brief and we’ll provide a quote and timeline for each individual project.


Make us part of your team! Our subscriptions enable us to have regular catch ups, be in digital WIPs, and deliver work quickly by skipping estimates for smaller tasks.

Pre and Post build support

We help agencies not only win and deliver the work, but provide maintenance and support packages that you can on-sell to your clients.

Not sure if we are the right fit?

Get in touch or Schedule a chat with our founder