Hip, hip, array!

In the spirit of our third birthday, we’re taking some time to reflect.

Lee Renton, the Founder and Managing Director here at LegRoom, created the agency in 2014 on the back of his own frustrations. Having previously worked as a Technical Director at some of the most renowned agencies across Australia and the UK, Lee found it increasingly difficult to find reliable, high-level digital resources.

Forced to decide between cheap outsource solutions, remote freelancers, local contractors, and hiring permanent staff with little capacity for a permanent workload, agencies had no reliable resources to turn to – only short-term solutions to their long-term problems. That was, until, the Digital Agencies for Agencies was born.

Having grown to ten permanent staff, welcoming three new team members this month alone, it’s clear that LegRoom is successful in bridging the gap between designers and developers alike.

“Our key to success is more than our high-level development capabilities – our service and communication levels are unparalleled, and really connect us with agencies. We are here to relieve stress and provide confidence on the delivery of digital projects – from banners and EDMS, to large-scale and/or ecommerce websites,” Lee says. “And we do that really well”.

The last twelve months have seen the agency flourish – with approximately 190 websites flying out the door, 180 banners animated, and 150 EDMs built, we can safely say that 2017 looks to be our busiest (and most successful) year to date!


You name it, we’ve built it. From landing pages to full-scale ecommerce websites, the last twelve months have been intense! 190 websites over the last twelve months works out to be roughly 15 websites a month… or two sites per week! WHAT?!


With approximately 150 emails being worked on over the last twelve months, we can safely say that we favour Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor (and so do our clients!). But, we understand the importance of diversity, so we were sure to throw in a few others for good measure – Marketo, SalesForce and Vision6 to name a few.


Managed primarily through Sizemek and DoubleClick, we’ve been hard at work animating away, helping our clients (and their clients) achieve success in the online advertising space.

With a newly renovated studio, an interior overhaul and potential for further growth in the not-too-distant future, LegRoom’s sights are set high. When asked what the next two years will bring, Lee said “We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing – controlled growth, teamed with high customer service. Retention is everything in the third-tier supplier space.”

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