Head LegRoomers

Lee Renton

Founder / Director

Penny Clay

General Manager

We're The Digital Production Studio for Agencies.

Mark Williams

UK Managing Director

Jamie Allan


Every project is carefully roadmapped, explained and agreed to before we ever put finger to keypad. As the digital world becomes even more important to the strength and ongoing health of a brand, more and more clients are seeking us out.

Brendon Wright

Digital Project Director

Mercia Stoltz

Digital Delivery Manager

We transform your creative genius into digital gold!

So what is a LegRoomer?


GOOD ENERGY ~ We love our work and that love shines through strongly in everything we do.


ALWAYS CURIOUS ~ Nothing excites us more than looking for an opportunity in a client problem.


BETTER TOGETHER ~ We are all of us different and we embrace the thoughts  and opinions of each other. By working together we can dream bigger and solve better.


ALWAYS IMPROVING ~ We never stop learning. We never stop striving. We embrace failure as
a stepping stone to success.


DARE TO DREAM ~ We believe in the power of ideas and we love bringing them to life for ourselves and our clients.  

We’re always looking for amazingly talented peeps

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